Kelly Koselek

Meet Kelly Koselek...


Kelly Koselek is a full-time professional Real Estate Sales Representative focussing in the sales and marketing of houses and Condos in the Greater Toronto Area. She has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience and brings a strong corporate business background to her transactions.


Kelly holds a Bachelor of Science degree as well as an MBA in Marketing. As she believes that one of the keys to success, both for herself and her clients, is a continually updated education. Kelly continues to take many classes and seminars to increase her effectiveness as a real estate professional. From plumbing courses, to decorating to marketing, Kelly has a unique 'ground up' knowledge of homes that helps her clients achieve their real estate goals.

Kelly completed her certification and is now an 'Accredited Staging® Professional'. Staging is the process of going through a house - interior and exterior, room by room, with a critical eye as to what needs to be done to optimize the house in terms of a potential buyer's perspective in order to get the maximum dollar for the house in the least amount of time.

Business Background

Kelly comes to real estate from a long and successful career in the corporate world. Beginning as a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company and working through positions as vice president in two companies - one as vice president of sales and marketing for a Medical Equipment company responsible for Canada, the US and Europe, and another as Vice President in an Advertising Agency. Kelly has a solid business background aimed at the success of her clients today.

In addition to her corporate experience, Kelly also has experience as a business owner. Trained in Interior Design at the Design Academy, Kelly was a partner in a local Interior Decorating company for 12 years.

Personal Information

Kelly grew up in small mining towns in Northern Ontario and Quebec, but has lived in Toronto for the past 25 years. Even though she has lived in the city for over two decades, she still carries the small town values that she was raised with. These values have prompted Kelly to give back to the community. She is the past President of the Junior League of Toronto, and is very excited about the recently held Junior League of Toronto Designer Showhouse and the community projects they are involved with.

Kelly's involvement in the community along with her long-time residence has given her a unique 'insider's perspective' on the area. She knows the neighbourhoods, the schools, the amenities and the services available, making Kelly an excellent resource both for those new to the areas as well as to those who are simply changing neighbourhoods.

When not serving her clients or her community, Kelly can be found on the golf course working on improving her game and decreasing her handicap. Currently a single digit handicapper, her goal is to become a 'scratch golfer'. She also enjoys renovating old houses and does most of the work herself except major rewiring. "Demolition work is a great way to relieve stress" smiles Kelly.

Professional Philosophy

Very organized and extremely analytical, Kelly wants her clients to know exactly what is going to happen at each step of the process. "Surprises are for birthdays... not for buying or selling a house" she says!

Kelly begins each transaction by carefully listening to the goals of her clients and then walks them completely through the process including possible outcomes, timing and costs involved. With all of this taking place before the transaction, Kelly's clients are completely informed and very well equipped when they actually begin the process and need to make decisions.

Kelly treats every deal as though it was her own money. She doesn't want to overpay by one cent for a property, nor does she want to leave that penny on the table when she is selling.

Kelly is an overachiever in all areas of her life from golf to real estate. "I don't believe in mediocrity" she says - illustrated by her performance of being in the top award category in 2011 (The Gairdner Award for dollar volume) of her company's real estate sales representatives.

If you are seeking a real estate sales person, who will help you meet your real estate goals easily and in a stress-free manner, call Kelly Koselek today.