Kelly Koselek

Kelly’s Process for Home Purchasers

  1. Discuss your needs and logistics – what you are looking for – area, house or condo, price range, timing etc. The best times to reach you and numbers, best times to show you houses…
  2. Get pre-approved for financing. Talk to your bank and a Mortgage Broker (I can recommend one if you don’t have one) and go with the one who gives you the best deal.
  3. We look at houses/condos. I recommend that you bring along a pair of indoor shoes or slippers, so you aren’t walking around strangers’ houses in your stocking feet.
  4.  Find a property you like. The listing price may have no actual bearing on the Sold price. Once we find a property you like, I’ll do a full analysis to see what the actual selling price range should be to ensure that it is in your price range and you aren’t setting yourself up for disappointment.
  5. Put in an offer. At this time I need to have a deposit cheque from you payable to the Listing Broker. Typically, it is 5% of the Purchase price and this forms part of the down payment. I always recommend that any house offer be conditional upon a satisfactory Home Inspection IF not in a multiple offer situation. Depending on your circumstance and the presence, or not, of other offers - we may put in an offer conditional on financing and CMHC approval.
  6. Offer outcomes
    1.  3 possible outcomes when putting in an offer to purchase:
      1. it is accepted
      2. it is ‘signed back’ – usually due to price or closing date
      3. it is rejected
  7. Conditional Offer. After we have a satisfactory Home Inspection and all other conditions are met, you will need to sign a Waiver. In effect, this is saying that this is a done deal and you will proceed with the purchase of the house/condo. The deal is now called a ‘Firm deal’.
  8. I then send all of the information to your lawyer (if you don’t have one, I can recommend one). The lawyer will contact you within a week of receiving the information, but it is mainly a courtesy call at this time. Their work really doesn’t get done until 2-3 weeks before the closing date at which time they will contact you regarding the payment of the balance of the down payment, pay the Land Transfer tax… when to get keys…
  9. The house has closed, you have the keys. You are a new homeowner!


KELLY KOSELEK, BSc, M.B.A. Bus. 416-489-2121 Cell:647-273-7597
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