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Staging – the importance of 'Bright'

When I work with Buyers and we are going through their list of wants and needs, the one ‘’want’’ that always comes up with almost every buyer is that the house/condo has to be 'bright'. A bright house is desirable, feels welcoming, looks bigger and appeals to the majority of people. As a result, when we are getting a property ready to put on the market it is important to make the house as bright as possible, which will translate into $’s in your pocket. Consider some of these ideas when you decide to sell your next property:

- Replace burned out light bulbs and put in the highest watt light bulb the fixture can safely take

- Add a standing lamp to a dark corner

- Trim shrubs and branches that are blocking a window

- Dark paint colours suck the light out of a room – consider painting in a neutral light shade

- Use strategically placed mirrors to reflect light and make the area appear brighter

- Have sparkling clean windows – see below to learn how the pros do it

- Turn on all lights for showings

How the Pro’s clean windows

As many of you know, I am a lifetime member of the Handyman Club of America. This is their guideline of how the pros do it and how you can do it yourself. (My word of caution - use good ladder safety techniques.)

Supplies needed: You can get all the basic gear you’ll need for less than $30 at most home centers, including a 12-in. scrubber, a 12-in. squeegee, a bucket, a microfiber cloth and a razor scraper. Make sure you get a good quality squeegee that is designed to clean windows.

Leave the spray cleaners and newspapers for cleaning your mirrors. It’s all about the squeegee! A basic top-to-bottom swipe method will leave you with sparkling windows in a fraction of the time you’d spend using up rolls of paper towels.

The process is simple and can be used inside and outside:

  • Mix about 1 tablespoon of dish soap with a couple of gallons of cool water. Dip the scrubber in the solution and wring it out.

  • Scrub the window. Use a razor blade to remove stubborn spots, such as dried bugs.

  • Tilt the squeegee slightly and wipe across only the top 1 to 2 in. of the window; then wipe that strip with a dry microfiber cloth. This creates a dry edge.

  • Wipe the squeegee blade with a towel. Then place the squeegee on the dry edge area in the top left corner of the window and pull down along the left edge of the window. Use even pressure, and do not lift the squeegee until you get to the bottom.

  • Wipe the squeegee with a towel. Make additional passes down the window, overlapping the previous pass by a couple of inches, until you reach the right edge of the window.

  • Finally, use the microfiber cloth to wipe around the edges of the window and over any wet streaks.

You can try other patterns, such as swiping across the window in overlapping passes from top to bottom. The key is to first create a dry edge where you will start each pass and to use even pressure and not lift the squeegee until you finish each pass.

A crystal clear, freshly washed window is a thing of beauty.


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